Equipment Rental Policy

General Use of Equipment

Media Services exists to serve the media needs of faculty, students and staff in their University related activities. Media equipment is primarily intended for classroom and related educational use. Media equipment is not intended for personal use or for off campus use.

Equipment may not be rented or borrowed by individual groups or entities (including private or public schools) that are not faculty, students or staff of Brown University. Media Services shall attempt to meet the needs of the members of the University who are hosting conferences and workshops on campus only. Equipment for classroom use by instructors will take precedence over conference and workshop requests if the classroom request is made prior to the conference or workshop request.


Borrowers are charged for production, delivery, set up and operator services if requested or deemed necessary by Media Services. Fee schedules are available from the Media ServicesPrice List


Cancellation of reserved equipment must be made 24 hours before scheduled start time or borrower will be responsible for all fees. Borrower agrees to return the equipment on the agreed upon date and acknowledges that failure to promptly return the equipment when due or recalled by Media Services as specified will result in a fine of $1.00 per hour beyond the specified time for return. Borrower further understands they are responsibile for cost of repair or replacement of damaged, lost, stolen or broken equipment.

Borrower's Agreement

Borrower has examined the borrowed equipment to ensure that it is suitable for his/her purposes. Borrower agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions of this loan agreement including, but not limited to, using the equipment exclusively for official Brown University business. Borrower will take due care, follow all safety rules and accompanying instructions with respect to the operation of the equipment, and use the equipment only for the purpose for which it was designed. Borrower agrees to accept responsibility for the maintenance, control, and safekeeping of the equipment while it is signed out in his/her name and to return the equipment in good repair, order and condition as it currently is, or may be put while signed out to him/her. Borrower accepts full financial responsibility for replacement of the borrowed equipment with comparable equipment selected by the Manager of Media Services, or his/her designee, should the equipment be lost, stolen, or irreparably damaged during the period that it is signed out in the Borrower's name. Media Services shall provide Borrower with an invoice for damage to the borrowed equipment within seven (7) days of its return, payable upon receipt. Borrower understands that if he/she violates any of the terms of the Agreement, he/she will forfeit his/her borrowing privileges.