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Payment is needed at least 24 hours before event, by cash or check payable to Brown University.


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**MTS only supports audio in these locations (click for list)

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Please select what staffing you will need from Media Technology Services (MTS). Staffing is subject to availability, and fees may apply.

AUDIO & VIDEO RECORDING AND EDITING (services coordinated and provided by Media Production Group)

Services listed here are NOT provided by Media Services. These services are provided by the Media Production Group (MPG). This information will be passed along to them. Please contact them directly for questions relating to your video/audio recording request.

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You must schedule your room with the University Scheduling Office at 863-6217 Registrar's Office at 863-2500 before requesting Media Technology Services. We cannot reserve rooms for you.

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  • Please note that reservations made fewer than TEN (10) Calendar days in advance of your event are subject a $150 rush processing fee and of your class may be denied.
  • Please provide the ACTUAL start time for your event. class. MTS will add the necessary set-up time before your event.
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  • By submitting this form, borrower assumes full responsibility for the equipment and agrees to reimburse MTS for loss or damage.
  • All requests must be made with at least 10 calendar days notice.
  • All cancellations must be made with at least one (1) business days notice or subject to fees.
  • Video conferencing requests will receive a separate email requesting details of the call. This information must be completed and submitted 10 days prior to your event.
  • Requests made with fewer than 10 calendar days notice are subject to a $150 rush processing fee and may be denied.
  • MTS does not provide dongles/adapters for laptops.
  • MTS supports audio in some locations (click for list). For other locations, please contact Facility Management' Event Support Office at (401) 863-7820.
  • Requests sent Friday-Monday will not be processed until Tuesday of the following week.
  • MTS will contact you to confirm your request and provide you with a MTS confirmation number.
  • Some details of your request may change to conform to technical requirements, MTS policies, and security issues.