Inclement Weather Policy

The mission of Brown University Media Services is to provide instructional resources and technology to faculty, staff, and students, and to foster the use of media throughout the University Community. While service to Brown faculty, staff and students is our priority, it has become necessary for Media Services to establish guidelines for addressing its responsibility of providing audio/visual assistance during inclement weather. This is necessary to insure the safety of our employees and equipment. Audio/visual assistance in the Salomon Center may also be affected.

These are only guidelines, and should not be viewed as obstacles to good service.

  • Media Services reserves the right to determine when to stop delivery, set-up, operation, and retrieval of equipment in inclement weather.

  • The Manager or Technical Coordinator will determine at what point the severity of weather conditions will alter the level of audio/visual service. This may include hazardous weather such as hail, ice, sleet, snow, etc.

  • Media Services will make every effort to provide a level of service that is consistent with notices from University administration regarding weather conditions and decisions.

  • Media Services will make a concerted effort to contact patrons by phone to inform them of any decisions regarding inclement weather and audio/visual reservations.

  • Media Services will assist patrons in making alternative arrangements for equipment utilization if at all possible.

  • Media Services patrons will also be given the option of rescheduling cancelled reservations for a future date. This will have to be done in conjunctions with other confirmed reservations. Patrons with confirmed reservations have preference over patrons who are rescheduling due to inclement weather.

  • Media Services may have to leave equipment at a departmental location for a short period of time. This arrangement will be coordinated with the person requesting the equipment or with another departmental representative.