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Phishing Alert: Email from

Beware of an email from with the subject "Update Your brown University edu Account. " This is a phishing email, attempting to get you to click on the link and/or open the attachment. Do not do either. If you have not already deleted it, mark the email as phishing and then delete it.

Clues that the email is bogus include:

  • It was sent from a non-Brown address.
  • The TO field is blank. 
  • Use of the generic "Dear User!!!" 
  • Grammatical and spelling errors (such as "upgraded and maintain.") 
  • It contains a threat that you will lose services if you do not respond quickly.

An example follows:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Account update <>
Date: Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 11:02 AM
Subject: Update Your brown University edu Account::

Dear User!!!

Information Technology Services (ITS) are currently upgrading and
maintaining all e-mail accounts.This will provide you the ability to
store a greatly increased amount of

e-mail correspondence in your e-mail account. Your account has been
identified as one of the accounts which are to be upgraded and

Please click the link below and follow the instruction. If you are
unable to click the link copy and paste in on your browser:

Sign in to !

webmail !User  ID ..............

The new minimum quota level for e-mail accounts will be set to 1000mb.
Warning!!!  Account owner that refuses to upgrade and maintain his or
her account before 24 hours of receiving this warning may lose his or
her account permanently.

Computing Services Help Desk
more information about the service.