Brown University

RESOLVED: Major IT Services Degradation, 10/30 7:36 AM

UPDATE: 10/30 09:56 AM

This issue has been resolved.

UPDATE: 10/30 09:30

At 9:30, wireless service is in the process of being restored; however, services may be unstable as access points come online.  We expect all services to be online shortly.


UPDATE: 10/30 09:00

At 9AM, we are aware of wireless issues, and have just resolved issues related to the  We believe that all wired connectivity issues should be resolved at this time.  

If you experience problems other than wireless or HostExplorer, please report them to the Help Desk at (401) 863-4357

UPDATE: 10/30 08:30

As of 8:30, power has been restored to all affected servers.  We are working to restore services that were disrupted due to the power loss.  We are aware of wireless and network connectivity and routing issues, and are restarting devices that were affected.  Areas on the central portion of campus are most likely to be affected.

UPDATE: 10/30 08:14

A power electrical generator test at Wilson this morning has caused service interruption in network connectivity and wireless services.

We are aware of a problem with Major IT Services Outage and are working to identify and resolve the issue.  Functionality that may be impacted by this problem includes: access to several electronic resources at Brown.

If you experience problems other than the ones mentioned above, or problems with another service, please report them to the Help Desk at (401) 863-4357.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.