Brown University

Upcoming upgrades to Brown’s Wireless Network

Over the coming year, we will be upgrading Brown’s wireless network to offer faster speeds, better connectivity and roaming, more device support, and additional access points.

As a part of this change, we will be retiring the Brown-Secure and Brown_EZ networks and replacing them with a single, secure network called "Brown". Brown-Guest and Eduroam will remain available for guests. Our timeline is as follows:

  • July 21st: a new network called “Brown” will become available in all areas covered by the wireless network. 

  • July 24th: The Brown_EZ network will be retired.

  • July 21st through August 11th: Brown-Secure and Brown will be simultaneously available to give people time to connect.

  • August 11th: Brown-Secure will be retired. The available networks will be Brown, Brown-Guest, and Eduroam.

During the three weeks between July 21st and August 11th, everyone on the Brown campus should connect to the new network by visiting on a computer or mobile device. Those who are not on campus can do so when they return.

We will update you about our progress as we install access points and test various devices on the new network.