Winter 2014 Edition of Secure IT!

The latest issue of Secure IT! has been released. We invite you to peruse this issue, view back issues (to 2010) and send us ideas for future ones. Enjoy!

  • CISO Memo: It's All About Privacy :: With so much of our lives and actions online, protecting one's privacy is becoming increasingly more difficult. ISG is here to help.
  • Identity Finder Reminder :: Not running Identity Finder regularly? Find out why you should.
  • Targeted in a Recent Security Breach? :: Were you affected by the latest retail security breaches? Read ISG's recommendations on what you can do.
  • Secure Your Home Network :: In his recent article "The Internet of Things is Wildly Insecure", security expert Bruce Schneier said, "If we don't solve this soon, we're in for a security disaster as hackers figure out that it's easier to hack routers than computers." Find out if your home router at risk and what you can do to mitigate it.
  • Securing Your New Tablet :: If Santa surprised you with a new tablet, learn how to keep it safe.
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