12 Aug, '14—8:06 am

As mentioned in our previous announcement, the "Brown" wireless network is now available. This new network will replace Brown-Secure as the recommended secure wireless network at Brown. To connect for the first time on a computer or mobile device, visit

1 Aug, '14—9:46 am

Earlier this year, Google Calendar started automatically including a Hangout (video conference) link in every calendar event. This change has caused confusion for events that are held in person or utilize other conferencing options such as WebEx. For this reason, we will be disabling the automatic addition of Hangouts on Wednesday 7/16.

You will still be able to easily add Hangout links to calendar events by clicking the "Add a Google+ Hangout" link, but they will no longer automatically appear on every event. If you plan use Hangouts in any upcoming events, please review your calendar after this feature is disabled and add them where necessary.

Curious about Hangouts? Find out how to use them in our article Create and Use a Google Hangout.

1 Aug, '14—7:39 am

Over the coming year, we will be upgrading Brown’s wireless network to offer faster speeds, better connectivity and roaming, more device support, and additional access points.

As a part of this change, we will be retiring the Brown-Secure and Brown_EZ networks and replacing them with a single, secure network called "Brown". Brown-Guest and Eduroam will remain available for guests. Our timeline is as follows:

  • July 21st: a new network called “Brown” will become available in all areas covered by the wireless network. 

  • July 24th: The Brown_EZ network will be retired.

  • July 21st through August 11th: Brown-Secure and Brown will be simultaneously available to give people time to connect.

  • August 11th: Brown-Secure will be retired. The available networks will be Brown, Brown-Guest, and Eduroam.

During the three weeks between July 21st and August 11th, everyone on the Brown campus should connect to the new network by visiting on a computer or mobile device. Those who are not on campus can do so when they return.

We will update you about our progress as we install access points and test various devices on the new network.

16 Jul, '14—2:17 pm

We're excited to announce that Rosetta Stone is now available at Brown, with online access to 30 languages (no download necessary). To get started, visit and log in with your Brown username and password. If you are planning to use the mobile app, you will have to log in on a computer first. For set-up instructions, support information, and known issues, visit If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact our IT Service Center.

11 Jul, '14—11:19 am

CIS is excited to announce an important addition to our software portfolio, LabVIEW! LabVIEW is a development environment for problem solving and measurement or control systems. The software is supported by National Instruments, but the IT Service Center can assist with installation.

20 Jun, '14—8:37 am

No one likes being tricked into doing something they wouldn't want to do or could harm themselves or others. That is what phishing tries to get you to do, for example, giving away your login credentials or social security number. That doesn't have to happen if you learn how to read the clues.

Here's an example of a recent phishing email that includes tips on spotting a phony email.
(Click here for PDF version)

17 Jun, '14—2:04 pm

Brown instructors, have a project in mind to make your class more engaging involving technology? Want to spend a few days this summer learning what technology support Brown has to offer and getting hands-on help developing a project plan? Academic Technology is now accepting proposals for faculty instructional projects and our Annual Brown Summer Institute for more information contact The deadline for Summer Institute Applications is April 27th.

17 Jun, '14—2:03 pm

The Brown University Library is hosting an Edit-a-Thon in memory of Adrianne Wadewitz on May 22, from 1:30-6pm in the Rockefeller Library DSL. All welcome, bring your laptop and be ready to write enrich articles on women, women's issues and other topics that continue Wadewitz's work.

View details and sign up on the Wikipedia event page.

17 Jun, '14—9:49 am

You can now enable add-ons in Brown's Google Drive to add functionality to your documents and spreadsheets. For example, add-ons are available to help you send faxes, create a bibliography, or translate text. Please consider that most add-ons were developed by third parties; many require permission to access all of your documents and your agreement with the app's own terms of service and privacy policy. Using an Add-on is similar to using any consumer service online - read and carefully consider policies and permissions before enabling. You can choose to disable an add-on at any time. At Brown, you will be unable to use any Add-Ons that require payment. 

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17 Jun, '14—9:48 am

Have you downloaded the Brown mobile app yet? Brown Student Agencies worked with CIS to develop a official Brown University Mobile App for iOS and Android! The Brown mobile app allows you to track your academics, check out dining hall menus, manage Bear Bucks accounts, and more. 

Brown University App in iTunes Store (iPhone/iPad)
Brown University App in Google Play Store (Android)

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