Don't Get Caught, Get Cautious

Cyber-space can be a scary place at times. There's the constant barrage of urgent emails demanding your username/password/social security number OR ELSE! Social networking sites keep you connected, but what about the hidden costs? Just about everything is online and at your fingertips, but threats lurk just beyond arms reach, putting you in harm's way. Hackers, cyber thieves and common criminals are ubiquitous, seeking access to your computer and information 24x7. How can you keep from being caught by phishing, online hazards, bogus apps, filesharing dangers or a crook's stickyfingers?

We're glad you asked, because October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and is all about learning how to protect yourself, your computer or device, personal information, identity, bank account and/or reputation. In other words, we're here to help make sure that you Don't Get Caught but Get Cautious.

During this past October ISG focused on different risks and threats providing both online and in-person opportunities to become more cyber secure. Those attending classes and acing the quizzes were entered into a drawing held on October 31st.  Congratulations to all of our prize winners:

  • Daniel Ochs - Graduate Student, Education (iPad mini)
  • Danny Cordeiro - Brown Card Office (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3)
  • Anne Nolan - University Library, Technical Services (Targus CityGear 16 Messenger Bag)
  • Lauren Colwell -  Undergraduate Student (Brown Cable Knit Throw)
  • Jose Albites Sanabria - Graduate Student, School of Engineering (Kensington ClickSafe Portable Combo Laptop Lock)
  • Sarah Goddard - Undergraduate Student (ThinkSafe Portable MacBook Locking System)
  • Samuel Moore - Undergraduate Student (Brown Knit Paw Print Hat)

This year ISG once again had a table at the "Be Safe Brown!" Campus Safety Resource Fair on October 1, offering fishy treats (crackers and candy) along with tips on phishing protection. We also held three popular Brown Bag presentations by David Sherry, Brown's Chief Information Sercurity Officer.

Thu 10/10 :: In This Phishing Contest, Your Identity is the Trophy
Thu 10/17 :: Is Your Life Online?
Thu 10/24 :: Love Your Mobile Devices? Like To Keep Them Safe?

Though National Cyber Security Awareness Month is now history, we will leave the site up with links to our tutorials, which remain relevant throughout the year.

October 6 - 12 October 13 - 19 October 20 - 26 October 27 - 31
Don't Get Caught by ...
a Phishing Phony
Don't Get Caught by ...
an Online Oops!
Don't Get Caught by ...
a Defenseless Device
Don't Get Caught by ...
a Pilfering Prowler

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance, whose "mission is to educate and empower a digital society to use the Internet safely and securely at home, work, and school, protecting the technology individuals use, the networks they connect to, and our shared digital assets." This is ISG's ninth year to be part of this important educational effort.