Brown University

ISG's Checklist for Lost or Stolen Devices

If you experience a loss or theft of your laptop or mobile device, ISG recommends that you follow these steps to protect yourself and others as much as possible. Read Reporting an Incident for more information.

1. Remote Wipe: Remotely remove all data from a mobile device. You can also try to find your Mac, iPhone, or iPad by going to
2. Brown Device: If the lost or stolen device was University-issued, notify the Telecommunications Office immediately (, 401-863-2007). Telecom will suspend voice services and issue a remote wipe of the device, if applicable.
3. Personal Device: If the lost or stolen device was personally owned, contact your service provider to report a lost or stolen mobile device and to suspend your service. However, do NOT do so until all data has been securely removed. In addition, the Help Desk may be able to assist with a remote wipe of the device. (For contact information, see )
4. Passwords: Log in and change your Brown and Gmail password. This can be done from any computer by going to If you had any areas of your computer that logged you in automatically, you should change those passwords as well.
5. Confidential/Sensitive Information: If any confidential or sensitive information resided on your laptop or mobile device, whether personal or institutional (e.g., credit card numbers, social security numbers, Brown ID's, grades, etc), contact the Information Security Group at as soon as possible.
6. Police Report: File a police report with the Providence police, as well as with the office of Public Safety.
7. Tracking the Device: If you had Computrace or similar other tracking software installed, contact the company. If software such as Lookout or Webroot, activate its tracking function.
8. Bank Accounts: Notify credit card companies and banks. Monitor your bank accounts and report any suspicious charges.
9. National Stolen Computer Registry: Register the information you have about the laptop/device with the National Stolen Computer Registry ( Note: You will need to provide your computer's serial number.