Audio Conferencing

Telecommunications offers 3 different types of audio conferencing:

  1. Each desk telephone already has the ability to conference up to 6 users. There is no charge for this feature.
  2. Meet Me Conferencing is a service which requires scheduling through Telecommunications. Up to 20 attendees can participate in a voice conference. When scheduling, a university telephone number and an 800 number will be issued for participants to call. There is a charge of $45 regardless of the amount of attendees and the length of the call.
  3. Vendor Conferencing can be arranged if a user needs special conferencing features such as recording and passcode support. Telecommunications has arrangements with AT&T and Paetec for this service. Contact Telecommunications for more detailed information.
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Call Telecommunications at (401) 863-2007, or email


Desktop phone conferencing Free, Meet Me Conferencing $45 per call, AT&T Conferencing .08/min/caller, Paetec Conferencing .06/min/caller.

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  • Faculty
  • Staff