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Audio & Video Delivery (Streaming and Download)

If you have video or audio content you'd like to make available online, Brown media distribution channels include options for streaming and download. The Media Production Group staff can consult with you on the best options to distribute your content. 

  • Streaming (files appear on your web browser): Streaming content is viewed via the web and cannot be downloaded. It can be displayed on a BrownSite page.
  • Download (files are stored on your computer/mobile device):  Brown uses iTunes to provide multimedia file download for classroom use (only available to members of the class) and non-classroom use (available to the world). 

Related Services

Request this Service: 
  • Streaming: For events, complete the online form.  All non-event requests should email Media Production
  • Download: For academic class use, faculty can log in to the Gateway.  For public (non-classroom) use, request this service using this procedure.


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