Network and Connectivity

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Brown University's Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows access to programs and services exclusive to users on the Brown on-campus network from off campus. A VPN connection provides a Brown IP (Internet Protocol) address at a remote location, providing the benefits of being on the Brown network. Among the key benefits of VPN are use of campus-limited web resources (including "keyed" software such as Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, FlashMX, and others) and access to Library resources. 
  • Wired Network Access

    Wired ethernet network connectivity to all campus buildings and the Internet. Brown is an Internet 2 connected site for high performance network requirements. Access in Residence Halls: Each residence room has one wired port per resident which provides both campus and Internet access. Devices on the residence hall wired network must be registered via My Connection upon connecting for the first time. 
  • Wireless Network (Brown)

    Brown is the recommended secure wireless network for anyone with a Brown username and password. Computers and mobile devices such as phones can be easily configured to connect to the network by visiting If you are a guest on campus, you can connect to the Brown-Guest network.
  • Wireless Network (Brown-Guest)

    Guests requiring internet access at Brown can either: connect to the Brown-Guest wireless network and agree to the terms to get online connect using Eduroam wireless network if they are from an Eduroam member institution  If you have a Brown username, we recommended connecting to the wireless network called Brown instead, which is secure and able to access additional Brown services.
  • Wireless Network (eduroam)

    "eduroam" is a free, secure worldwide access service which allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to connect to the internet at other participating institutions. Members of the Brown community will be able to use their Brown credentials to obtain wireless and Internet access when visiting other eduroam member institutions, and visitors from those institutions will be able to log into the eduroam wireless network at Brown.  Please note that while on the Brown campus, members of the Brown community should connect to Brown instead of the Eduroam network for wireless access.