• Encryption

    BitLocker provides full disk encryption for Windows devices; FileVault 2 for Macs. ISG recommends that faculty and staff who use laptops containing Brown Restricted Information (especially frequent travelers) should encrypt their devices. 
  • Firewall Management

    In order to promote and maintain the security of Brown data and its network infrastructure, firewalls have been strategically installed as part of the overall network architecture. Requests for the opening or closing firewall ports are reviewed, researched, and acted upon by the Information Security Group, who manages this service.
  • Identity Finder

    Identity Finder software is available to all active staff and faculty to detect and secure sensitive data on their computers, with the goal to help prevent identity theft and aid in keeping Brown compliant with federal and state laws.  It can be downloaded from the CIS software distribution site  onto computers that are Brown-owned or used in work for Brown University.
  • Information Security Audits

    The Information Security Group, in addition to a bi-annual risk assessment, can perform a security-focused risk assessment of a department for compliance to standards or regulations, or for audit preparation or remediation.
  • Information Security Consulting

    The Information Security Group is available for consulting on all topics related to information security, privacy, P2P, compliance, social networks, wireless, laptop safety, and on-line protection. The group also consults on new and on-goind security projects, and is also available for speaking at department and organizational meetings.
  • Information Security Training

    The Information Security Group provides many avenues for training to the Brown community, both in person and online. Included in the current course offering is "Protecting Brown Information" (completion of this one-hour class is required for access to systems containing sensitive information), and several Brown Bag offerings ranging from social network safety to mitigating identity theft.
  • Network Vulnerability Scanning

    The Information Security Group performs regularly scheduled and ad-hoc scanning of network and web services to identify vulnerabilities, ensure security standards, and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Security Incident Response & Remedy

    The Information Technology Security Computing Incident Response Team (CIRT) is the emergency response team for all IT security events at Brown University, and is critical to protecting Brown University's electronic communications infrastructure. With support from all areas of the University, the CIRT responds to a variety of incidents which could involve virus, spam, malicious software, phishing attacks, and social engineering. 
  • SSL Certificates

    CIS has made an arrangement with InCommon for issuing digital certificates (cert). A cert is an electronic file containing personal information about its owner as well as the owner's public key, used to establish a web site owner's credentials when transactions on the Internet must be secured. Requests are managed by the office of Computing Accounts and Passwords (CAP).
  • Virus Protection, Removal, and Clean Up

    The CIS Help Desk offers assistance with the removal and clean up of infected computers after the steps in the online documentation have been attempted and do not address the problem.