Teaching, Learning, and Research

  • Academic Technology Training Workshops

    Workshops offered each semester help instructors learn techniques, tools and best practices for engaging students through the use of instructional tools available at Brown and on the web. Workshop topics include course management techniques, effective classroom presentations, increasing student participation and collaboration.
  • Academic Technology UTRA

    An Academic Technology undergraduate teaching and research award (UTRA) provides members of the faculty with undergraduate collaborators to enhance teaching and learning through the integration of new instructional technologies including classroom tools such as "smart" boards, clickers and lecture-capture; and online collaboration and communication tools such as Canvas, Wikis and iTunes.
  • Banner Access for Administrators

    Administrative web access to course registration, admission, student accounts receivable and financial aid administrative functions. For regular self-service access, see Banner Self-Service.
  • Banner Self-Service

    Web access to applicant and student data related to admission, financial aid, declining balance (available balance and a 30 day history), and course registration. For administrative (staff) access to banner, see Banner Access for Administrators.
  • BrownBlogs

    BrownBlogs is an online publishing platform that allows members of the Brown Community (individuals as well as official University groups, departments, and organizations) to quickly and easily communicate on the web through text, images, audio, and video.  Brown Blogs runs on the Wordpress blogging platform.  The platform has been customized to connect with Brown's authentication, to use Brown's groups infrastructure, and to contain a theme based on the Brown website design.  Additionally, many of the most popular WordPress plugins and themes are installed for easy customization.
  • Canvas Learning Management System

    Canvas, accessed via a web browser, provides a collection of built-in tools for uploading of content, communication, collaboration, assignments and assessments in support of teaching and learning.
  • Class Announcement Lists

    A Class Announcement List enables instructors to send one way (no-reply) email messages to their students.   For two-way email discussion between an instructor and students in a course, see Class Discussion List.
  • Class Discussion List

    A Class Discussion List provides instructors with an email address that sends mail to their class roster. The Class Discussion List may be used for two-way email discussion between instructors and students in a course. See Class Announcement List for one-way, no-reply messaging.
  • Classroom Technology Support

    Staff support and training for installed classroom technology and loaner equipment is available for teaching spaces across campus. Directory of campus spaces with teaching technology. 
  • Coeus

    Research administration package which allows users to manage research proposals, grants, human subject and animal protocols. For the development and delivery of reports from Coeus, see Information Delivery and Reporting.
  • Computing Labs (clusters)

    Rooms with Windows and Macintosh computers and printers are located at various locations around campus.  Computers are installed with specialized software and courseware.
  • courses.brown.edu

    Student Course Search - Courses.Brown features a searchable database of courses, and downloadable syllabi, enabling you to make more informed course selections throughout the registration process. Instructor Course Tools - Submit a syllabus for students to view during shopping period. Request tools and services for your course, such as a Canvas course site, a course blog, a wiki, a Google course group, and more.  Shopping - Temporarily access Canvas course sites and other academic tools during shopping period.
  • Digitization of Course Materials

    Digitization services are available for personal slide collections, photos, videos, audio cassettes, text (OCR and PDF) which will be used for faculty and graduate student teaching, presentations and research. Content is prepared according to Brown Library standards, and full quality archival copies are made whenever needed.
  • Educational Technology Center Teaching Lab (ETC)

    The Educational Technology Center Teaching Lab provides supported space for experimentation in the use of classroom technologies. ETC Teaching Lab, CIT 201 Faculty can experiment with collaborative and active teaching approaches in an environment supported by Academic Technology staff. The room is equipped with technology available in some of Brown's mediated classrooms and serves as a place for faculty to try out new technologies or group assignments before fully incorporating them into the regular class curriculum. The Teaching lab is available for faculty to use upon consultation with Academic Technology staff. Priority will be given to those who need to use the specific technology or furniture available in the room for instructional purposes and dependent on staffing available to oversee the management of the space. 
  • High Performance Computing

    Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV) maintains a large computer cluster for research use.  Researchers confronting problems which are too large to solve on a conventional laptop or workstation can obtain a free, exploratory account which allows limited use of the system.  Priority use is available for a fee.
  • iClickers In Class Polling

    iClicker personal response systems (PRS) are handheld radio-frequency response devices that allow anonymous and specific polling and question-and-answer sessions in the classroom. The device transmits student responses to a receiver attached to an instructor's computer. The results can be displayed to the students or kept private. iClickers can be used in conjunction with presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • Instructional Project Development

    Brown Academic Technology Instructional Project Development is an opportunity for instructors to develop technology projects in support of teaching and learning at Brown. Projects may include: developing online materials to use in your course, designing multimedia assignments for your students, animations, screencasts, video productions, experimenting with innovative technologies. We also offer student support for help in learning and using classroom technology.
  • iTunesU (Online Media for Courses)

    iTunes U @ Brown provides course support for the aggregation, organization and distribution of multimedia through the iTunes platform. The service allows instructors and students to upload and share media content including video, audio, and PDF documents. Using the service, course materials can be downloaded to personal iPods and iPhones for use anywhere. Course instances of iTunes U @ Brown are typically access-restricted to instructors and enrolled students.
  • Language Resource Center

    The Language Resource Center (LRC) provides online access to audio materials and other digital resources for language teaching and learning, as well as other technological support for language teaching and learning in conjunction with the Educational Technology Center and Academic Technology group. Related Services: Rosetta Stone
  • Lecture Capture (Echo 360)

    Automated Lecture Capture is available in several rooms on campus.  If you are giving a lecture in one of these rooms, you can request that your lecture be automatically recorded. If you are not in one of these rooms and want to record your lecture, please see the Personal Capture service. The recording can include lecture audio, video and/or PowerPoint (or other computer program display outputs).  Recordings are automatically processed and available for student viewing via Canvas, iTunes and other distribution channels. Related Services Personal Capture
  • Multimedia Assignment Support

    Multimedia Assignment Support facilitates the integration of multimedia assignments into courses across disciplines and departments. The program can provide training and technology, and support instructors with pedagogical consulting and development of teaching resources. Two courses are typically supported per semester.
  • Multimedia Labs

    The Multimedia Labs are multi-computer teaching facilities dedicated to the creation of media and art using emerging digital tools. We provide software, equipment and support for the production of web authoring, software development, graphics, video, animation, 3D printing, fabrication and sound. Four multimedia labs are located at: List Art Building, room 315 Granoff Creative Arts Center, room N320 Grad Center, basement of tower E Friedman Study Center, Science Library level A
  • Online Course Reserves (OCRA)

    Online Course Reserves Access (OCRA) is a service used to place books and other physical media on reserve and to create electronic reserves: links to ebooks and other online content, digitization of articles, book chapters, full-length movies, and audio files. Content in all formats is made available to students in Canvas via an "E-Reserves" link on the left menu of the course.
  • Online Movies (VFNow / OCRA)

    Full length feature movies can be made available online for students and faculty in a given class through an E-reserves online playlist. Faculty may request that Library, Departmental or personal copies of movies be digitized. Online playback is password-protected and limited to each class for the duration of one semester.  The movies can be accessed in Canvas or directly at the access link above.
  • Personal Capture (Echo360)

    Personal Capture is a stand-alone software application that runs on Windows and Mac laptops and desktop computers. It is designed primarily for professors. With Personal Capture, you can record your voice (audio), your local computer screen (a PowerPoint presentation or other material) and a webcam video.  Recordings can be published and made available for student viewing via Canvas (EchoCenter), iTunes and other distribution channels. Note that if you are delivering a lecture in several rooms on campus, you can also take advantage of our automated Lecture Capture, which uses installed room equipment to automatically capture your lecture. Related Services Lecture Capture (Echo360)
  • Research Data Backup

    This service is available for backing up and archiving research data and research computing systems on campus. This service is not available for the backup of administrative and instructional data. 
  • Research Data Storage (RData)

    RData is a high performance data storage system which is accessible from any computer connected from Brown's campus network.  It is backed up nightly on an incremental basis.  All faculty or PI's receive 256GB free allocation.  Additional storage may be purchased on an annual or longer term basis.
  • Researchers at Brown

    Researchers@Brown brings together publicly available information on the people, departments, and activities that collectively make up research and scholarship in all disciplines at Brown. Profiles include information such as publications, awards, and courses. Faculty can maintain their own profiles and search for collaborators.
  • Rosetta Stone

    With Rosetta Stone, members of the Brown Community (including alumni) can learn up to 31 languages using a web browser - no software download required. A mobile app is also available; you must log in to the web version first before using the mobile app.
  • Summer Institute for Teaching and Technology

    In this program, instructors will explore the pedagogical underpinnings that inform the effective use of technology in teaching and learning, and ultimately identify and develop technological solutions to meet their specific course goals and objectives.
  • Teaching with Technology Consultation

    Personal consultation sessions may be scheduled by instructors seeking assistance in employing instructional applications for teaching. This may include in-depth instructions on the use of individual tools or the development of course-specific strategies . Consultation sessions may be in addition to regularly offered workshops or in conjunction with a project.
  • Undergraduate Student Assistants (Tech TA)

    The TechTA program funds undergraduate teaching assistants to work with faculty exploring the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Visualization

    The Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV) provides high-end visualization services through several facilities including an immersive virtual reality lab called the CAVE. CCV also: has expertise in visualization software provides custom software development in connection with grants consults on developing and implementing advanced visualization technology
  • Wikis

    Wikis provide groups within the Brown community to collaborate in online wiki-spaces. Wiki-spaces are made up of a collection of interconnected webpages and attachments. Wikis can be public or private so that only group members can view and access them.  The administrator of a wiki also controls the permission levels of their group members to determine who is allowed to read or edit specific pages. Brown's wiki service runs on Confluence.