Technical Systems

  • Active Directory

    The Active Directory domain,, is the centralized Windows Directory Service for authentication of user, computer, and group objects. Active Directory is used primarily for the centralized Windows environments.
  • Domain Name Service

    DNS (Domain Name Service) resolves names that are used by applications (like web or email) to their IP address. Brown maintains DNS names and their corresponding addresses for any name ending in This service also provides a corresponding reverse lookup function to map IP addresses back to their respective names. Brown maintains the reverse lookup for it's public IP addresses starting with 128.148 and 138.16 as well as many private IP addresses local to the campus network.
  • IP Address Management

    Provide IP addresses for use by servers and end user workstations, routing to campus services and internet and DHCP service for dynamic or reserved IP address allocation.
  • Secure Data Transfer for Administrative Applications

    Enterprise and Mainframe Data can be encypted and securely transfered via SSL from Brown's mainframe or enterprise systems to external vendors or departmental file shares (DEPTS2). Additionally, data from external vendors can be retrieved and securely transfered to departmental file shares (DEPTS2). If needed, departments can post vendor data on a department file share (DEPTS2) and it can be transfered to the mainframe.
  • Version Control (Subversion)

    This service provides the local Brown community with a tool to maintain current versions of software and electronic objects needed in the support of home grown applications.