Cluster Printing (PAWPrints)

CIS provides printer stations (both black & white and color) in the computing clusters throughout the campus. Users can use these printers to print from cluster computers as well as from their own personal computers (configuration required - see Online Help link below). Jobs must be released at the print release station at the printer location.

Printer locations: (View Map)


  • CIT Cluster: CIT169
  • Science's Library: Freidman Center & Mezzanine Level
  • Rock Library: First floor cluster (Rm131) & Second floor cluster (Rm201) & Grad Cluster (Rm203)
  • Orwig Library: First floor Cluster
  • Hay Library: First floor cluster
  • Roberts Center: Lower Level Copy Room
  • Barus & Holly: First floor cluster (Rm191)
  • Granoff-CAC: MultiMedia Lab
  • List Art: MultiMedia Lab
  • Andrew’s Study
  • Arnold Lounge
  • Ratty (Rear of the main dining room)

$.07 B&W simplex, $.10 B&W duplex, $.25 color - add printing money to your card at a ValuePort Machine (locations). Reimbursement Policy

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Available for:
  • Faculty
  • Grad Student
  • Staff
  • Undergraduate