Department File Services

Departmental File Services provides university  departments with a location in which files can be stored, backed up, and shared across the department. Typical quotas are approximately 100GB per department however much larger quotas can be accommodated.   In addition to department file services Files.Brown.EDU can accommodate larger allocation for research data not requiring access to high performance compute resources.  The service can be accessed by mapping the drive on your computer (Windows Explorer on PC or Finder on a Mac), or by visiting in a web browser.

Request this Service: 

The departmental computing representative for your department should contact the IT Service Center to request a consultation prior to set up of a departmental share.

To add someone to an existing share, contact your departmental computing representative, who can either make the change or create a ticket for the IT Service Center.

  • Recommended Browsers: Firefox (latest version)
  • Minimum Required Browsers: Firefox 1.5, Internet Explorer 6.0, Safari 3.0
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