FileMaker 12 Database Hosting

Brown’s FileMaker server can host FileMaker version 12 databases, offering the benefit of easier collaboration, higher security, and regular backups. 

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To Request Hosting:
Step 1: Request a license for Filemaker 12: Filemaker 12 License Request Form
Step 2: Request hosting for your database: Hosting Request Form

To Request Access:
For General Users: Email and CC your supervisor, who must Reply All to approve your request.
For Administrators (optional): If you will be responsible for administering your own database, submit an Online Access Request form and select the FileMaker Service in the Requested Access box. This is only applicable for qualified technical staff and it is optional (ITSC will administrate all other databases).


Free. There may be a cost associated with conversion of older databases.

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Available for:
  • Faculty
  • Grad Student
  • Staff
  • Undergraduate