Media Services Event Support

Staff support, training, installed media equipment, loaner equipment and video recording in support of courses and other events on campus are available to faculty, staff and students.

List of audio options available in major campus rooms

Request this Service: 

Schedule your room with the  University Scheduling Services Office (863-6217.)

Reserve equipment and request staff assistance using the Media Services Request Form

If you need additional help planning an event, please email the Event Support Office:


Basic and self-service options are available with no charge.

Charges may apply for events outside normal hours or requiring certain services or additional staff. Please refer to our detailed information about feesA proposal will be provided with information confirming your request, our process, and any charges.

Events that can typically be supported without charges include course meetings, faculty projects in support of teaching & learning and some faculty sponsored events.

Events that typically incur charges include complex events, academic conferences, and externally organized events.

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Available for:
  • Faculty
  • Grad Student
  • Staff
  • Undergraduate