• iPhone and iPad Repair

    CIS' Service & Repair group is certified to repair Brown-owned iPhones and iPads, regardless of whether the repair is covered under Apple.
  • Speech Directory

    An automated “operator” is available for off-hours and to supplement the campus operators when necessary.  Please dial 401-863-6001 and “speak” the name of the party you would like to reach.  Your call will be connected to on-campus numbers only.
  • Telephone Service

    Telephone service is available throughout Brown University. The main telephone system provides on-campus service with standard features such as call hold, transfer, waiting, forwarding, conference calling, last number redial, voice mail, and music on hold. Local, long distance and international calling services are available. Telecommunications coordinates with other university groups to deploy phone system in new locations and upgrade phone systems in remodeled locations.
  • Switchboard Operator

    The Brown University Switchboard Operators answer Brown's main telephone number, (401) 863-1000 (or
  • Mobile (Cellular) Phones

    In consultation with a department, the Telecommunications Office will select the lowest cost device and plan which meets the business need. Telecommunications monitors all bills on a monthly basis and notifies the cellular user if another plan or feature would be more cost effective to meet the user's calling patterns. Related Policies: Telecommunications Services Policy
  • Automated Attendant

    Allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator or administrative assistant. This service provides a list of recorded selections for callers to choose from based on menu options. For example: "press 1 for Accounts and Passwords, press 2 for Computer Assistance".
  • Audio Conferencing

    Telecommunications offers 3 different types of audio conferencing: Each desk telephone already has the ability to conference up to 6 users. There is no charge for this feature. Meet Me Conferencing is a service which requires scheduling through Telecommunications. Up to 20 attendees can participate in a voice conference. When scheduling, a university telephone number and an 800 number will be issued for participants to call. There is a charge of $45 regardless of the amount of attendees and the length of the call. Vendor Conferencing can be arranged if a user needs special conferencing features such as recording and passcode support. Telecommunications has arrangements with AT&T and Paetec for this service. Contact Telecommunications for more detailed information.
  • Call Center Solutions

    For management of high-volume inbound calls, this system allows for multiple users to answer one main number. Reports are generated listing call volume and operator effectiveness.
  • Voicemail

    Voicemail allows callers to leave a message in the event that a phone line is busy or the recipient is not available to answer the incoming call. Voice mailbox owners can record custom greetings, forward voice mail to other users on the system, set an extended absence greeting, respond to messages by calling or voicemail messaging and set outcall notification.
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