Go Green at Brown!

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Started August 1st 2012...

We've made recycling even easier at Brown! Now you can recycle all plastic containers, boxes, paper, aluminum and glass.  

Click your group below for FAQs  and more specifics.  

Living Green

There are lots of things you can do each day to help keep Brown Green.  Click the tips below to learn more.  

 All plastic containers, boxes, paper, aluminum and glass  RI tap water is clean and delicious!
 Keep windows closed in winter and call 401-863-7800 if you are too hot or cold.  Unplug electronics and powerstrips

Want to do even more? Get involved! There are over a dozen environmental student groups on campus ready and waiting for your great ideas!

Green Move-In

Welcome new students! 

Click the buttons below to learn how to get started in a "Brown is Green" way! 

Sustainability is an important value at Brown.  The Univeristy has committed to reducing it's green house gas emissions by 42% below 2007 levels by 2020.  By 2011, we had reduced our emissions by 26%! We are well on our way, but we need your help to keep improving.  Check out the Living Green page and the Get Involved page to find out how you can make a "BIG" difference on campus!

Sustainability is high priority for Brown students as well, check out the info graphic below. 

Learn more about our Student Awareness Survey as covered by the BDH.  

See our tips for a green move-in!