Global Health Initiative

Mission Statement

The Global Health Initiative is a multidisciplinary university-wide effort to reduce health inequalities among underserved populations locally and worldwide through education, research, service and development of partnerships.

Global Health in Education, Research and Service

The GHI is distinguished by an integrative, overarching approach to the fundamentally interrelated problems of health and development.  One key advantage of the GHI is its ability to bring together the  social, cultural, and human dimensions of global health problems and their biomedical and technological elements under a single umbrella. Building upon Brown's expertise in both population analysis and infectious disease intervention, the Initiative offers high impact education, research, and service opportunities for students and faculty, and addresses issues of capacity, infrastructure, environment, and health care delivery to reduce the burden of disease in impoverished communities.

Students in the Spotlight:

Ida Sahlu, a doctoral student in Epidemiology at the School of Public Health, recently presented a poster at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Annual Meeting entitled, "Spatial distribution of Epilepsy and Severe Chronic Headaches in 60 villages across Nayala, Boulkiemdé, and Sanguié Provinces in Burkina Faso".  Her work was funded by a Framework in Global Health Scholarship.  Authors: Ida Sahlu, Hélène Carabin, Athanase Millogo, Rasmané Ganaba, Rabiou Cissé, Marie-Paule Boncoeur-Martel, Cici Bauer, Zékiba Tarnagda, Pierre Dorny, Pierre-Marie Preux.

Meet Sylvia Shangani, Brown AIDS International Training and Research Program (AITRP) trainee from Moi University.  She has been supported by the Brown AITRP since 2012,  having completed her Masters in Behavioral and Social Sciences at Brown, and is now pursing her PhD (NIH-D43TW000237).     

Brown Faculty in the News

HIV testing yields diagnoses in Kenya but few seek care
Becky GenbergBecky GenbergBecky Genberg, PhD, assistant professor (research) of health services, policy and practice in the Brown University School of Public Health is the lead author on a new study of HIV testing in Kenya, recently published in the journal Lancet HIV.  Read more here.


Kayan Lewis and Marc SimpaoKayan Lewis and Marc Simpao

Marc Simpao, MD, and his wife Kayan Lewis, PhD, collaborated with faculty and post-graduate residents and the University of Rwanda on a grant that was accepted by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).

The grant will fund two major studies on Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in Rwanda. One study will assess prevalence data on DVT in Rwanda, where there currently is no prevalence data on DVT, and the other will address various risk assessment models for predicting DVT/PE in Rwanda.

Jonathan Kurtis, MD, PHDJonathan Kurtis, MD, PHDA team of researchers from Brown and the Lifespan Center for International Health Research (CIHR), led by Dr. Jonathan Kurtis, Director of CIHR and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Brown Medical School, published a paper in the May 23 edition of the journal Science on their research into a protein of key consequence for the course of malaria in children.  Click here for the full article.

For more information:
A Promising Protein Discovery in Malaria
May 22, 2014 NPR: Experimental Malaris Vaccine Blocks the Bad Guy's Exit

Ebola Crisis in Western Africa: Contributions by the Brown Community

For the most up to date information about the university's efforts to assist those affected by the Ebola crisis, please visit the Ebola Relief Effort web page.

Timothy Flanigan, MD
Dr. Timothy FlaniganDr. Timothy FlaniganTimothy Flanigan, MD, Professor of Medicine, and his wife Luba Dumenco, MD, Lectcurer in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, purchased protective supplies for shipment to health workers battling Ebola in Liberia.  Dr. Flanigan recently traveled to Liberia with the Catholic Diocese of Monrovia to provide aid to those affected by the crisis.  You can read about his experiences through his blog:

Adam Levine, MD, MPH

ProJo 12-18-2014 R.I. Ebola doctor lights White House menorah; Obama calls him heroic, sexy.

ProJo 10-19-14 R.I. doctor describes hardships — and joys — of caring for the sick in Ebola hot zone.

Adam Levine, MD, MPHAdam Levine, MD, MPHAdam Levine, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Brown, traveled to Liberia on Aug 29, 2014 to provide assistance to those affected by the Ebola crisis during the month of September.  Follow his experiences through his Huffington Post Blog.

 Follow Dr. Levine on Twitter at and listen to his audio diary from Liberia: