Howard Fellows for 2014-2015

The Board of Administration of the George A. and Eliza Gardner Howard Foundation has awarded nine fellowships of $33,000 each for the 2014-2015 academic year. The nine recipients represent the fields of History, Music, Musicology, Playwriting, and Theatre Studies. The 2014-2015 fellows and their projects are:


 Edward D. Melillo, Assistant Professor of History and Environmental Studies, Amherst College, Out of the Blue: Nantucket and the Pacific World.

 Lydia Murdoch, Associate Professor of History, Vassar College, Called by Death: Child Mortality and the Politics of Grief in Nineteenth-Century England.

 Tracy Steffes, Associate Professor of Education and History, Brown University, Shifting Fortunes: City Schools and Suburban Schools in Metropolitan Chicago, 1945-2000.

 Lissa Wadewitz, Associate Professor of History, Linfield College, Whaling the Pacific World: Race, Sexuality, and Environment on the High Seas.


 Benjamin Broening, Associate Professor of Music, University of Richmond, Traces: four works for mixed ensembles.

 Keeril Makan, Associate Professor of Music, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Abandon Fear for orchestra.


 Dana Gooley, Associate Professor of Music, Brown University, Improvisational Aesthetics in Nineteenth-Century Music.


 Stephanie Fleischmann, Lecturer in Playwriting, Skidmore College, Sound House, a new play.

 Theatre Studies:

 David V. Mason, Associate Professor of Theatre Studies, Rhodes College, The Audiencing of Identity.