Join us on Friday to welcome former Indian Ambassador to the United States and Meera and Vikram Gandhi Fellow, Nirupama Rao. She will be presenting her lecture: The Politics of History: India and China, 1949-1962.

The Initiative introduces a new program series: Book Adda

To these  five lectures series offered by the Brown-India Initiative, we are adding a new public offering, the Book Adda, which will present panels on a few new books published each year by our faculty, or by those who have been significantly intellectually involved with us.  Adda is a word used in several South Asian languages to indicate an intense, enjoyable conversational practice or setting, usually associated with free speech, friendship and democratic social formations. We start with Leela’s new book, 

(Distributed September 9, 2014)

"The Pragmatic PM?"

In his latest Indian Express column, Professor Ashutosh Varshney argues that thus far, Prime Minister Modi has pursued the path of pragmatism, not ideological correctness. The balance between governance and ideology, however, remains precarious. Read the full article.

(Distributed August 27, 2014)
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