Join us Friday for this semester's final Brown-India Seminar talk, in which Rina Agarwala, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University, discusses informal workers launch alternative labor movements that use the power of their votes to attain social welfare, creating new forms of state protection and extending their movements transnationally by partnering with international agencies, unions in other countries, and universities.

“Writing India: Two Authors and an Editor” with Jonathan Shainin, Rana Dasgupta, and Ashutosh Varshney

Join us for a discussion between novelist Rana Dasgupta, political scientist Ashutosh Varshney, and Jonathan Shainin, news editor at The New Yorker and previously senior editor at the Delhi-based narrative journalism magazine The Caravan. Dasgupta, currently a Visiting Lecturer with the Modern Culture and Media department, is the award-winning author of the novels Solo and Tokyo Cancelled.

(Distributed April 9, 2014)
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