Last semester, the Initiative awarded over $92,000 to seven undergraduate students, six graduate students and two faculty members who undertook projects throughout India over the summer. Join us for part 1 of the students' presentations on their research and experiences over the summer in India, from navigating familial decisions during pregnancy to researching the Naxalite Movement in Kolkata. They will present on Friday, September 26 and Friday, October 10. Friday, September 26 at 12:00 p.m. McKinney Conference Room, Watson Institute Lunch will be provided

The Initiative introduces a new program series: Book Adda

To these  five lectures series offered by the Brown-India Initiative, we are adding a new public offering, the Book Adda, which will present panels on a few new books published each year by our faculty, or by those who have been significantly intellectually involved with us.  Adda is a word used in several South Asian languages to indicate an intense, enjoyable conversational practice or setting, usually associated with free speech, friendship and democratic social formations. We start with Leela’s new book, 

(Distributed September 9, 2014)
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