Professor Ashutosh Varshney and Professor Patrick Heller will lead a forum on India's 2014 Elections on Saturday, May 24. Join us for 2014 Commencement Forums and explore the breadth of knowledge and experience in the Brown community, and help celebrate Brown's many triumphs in education, research, and service.

South Asian Students' Association presents: The 2014 Indian Elections: A Teach-In

Join us in a discussion on India's ongoing national elections, arguably the most polarizing in recent history. We hope to engage an audience with varying levels of exposure to contemporary political debates in India. Novelist and visiting professor Rana Dasgupta as well as a host of other discussants will provide short introductions to orient those unfamiliar with the topic. The latter half of the event will be an open-ended conversation regarding the social, economic and ideological platforms held by contending parties and their implications for India's future.

(Distributed April 28, 2014)
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