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Professor Fruzzetti lectured at IITs in January

This winter break, Professor Lina Fruzzetti gave two lectures in India.

The first, held at IIT Gandinagar on January 5th 2015, was titled "Construction of Gender - The meaning of liberty and independence". The second talk was on "Thinking ethnographically about liberty and freedom”, and was conducted at IIT Delhi.

(Distributed January 20, 2015)

The Brown-India Initiative Fellowship Application is now open!

The Initiative awards funds for research projects and summer internships to undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty. The projects selected concentrate on a vast range of topics related to social, political, cultural, and economic change in India.

(Distributed January 16, 2015)

The 2015 question

Professor Varshney's last column of the year 2014 takes as its topic religious conversions, a movement that has raised its head again in India. Varshney asks whether the cultural project of Hindu nationalism can undermine the economic project of the Narendra Modi government, and concludes that Mr. Modi will soon have to make a choice between ideological purity and pragmatism. Column available from the Indian Express.

(Distributed January 1, 2015)
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