Governance Structure

Updated in February 2012, the IT Governance system for determining which proposed projects will receive resources, consists of an IT executive committee and the following 4 subcommittees:

IT Governance Committee StructureIT Governance Committee Structure

All IT projects that either: 1. propose launching a new service, 2. require funding or 3. have expenses totalling $50,000 or more must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate subcommittee before work commences.


The IT governance process strives to meet the following goals:

  1. Ensure that the IT projects that are undertaken are those of the highest priority for the university and that they support strategic goals. 
  2. Evaluate new IT project requests early in the idea development process, so that appropriate offices can weigh in on the project, its need and priority before substantial effort is expended on the solution(s).
  3. Ensure early in the process that the proposal has support from the appropriate university officers.  University officers will gauge the importance of the proposal against other known needs.
  4. Make the process for upgrading and adding new systems transparent to staff in the university. Everyone will understand how to advance an idea through the process.