Project Review Process


  1. Requests from departments outside of CIS to assess and/or  implement new or updated technology applications and services are submitted online.   CIS staff should use Team Dynamix to submit project requests.
  2. Requests are reviewed by CIS's Project Management team regularly.  A decision is made whether a project proposal - which includes more detailed information about the work and resources required - is needed or not.  If a proposal is required then a Proposal Development Partner (PDP) is assigned to work with the requester to complete a project proposal.  If a proposal is not required, the request is forwarded to the CIO for approval to convert the request to a project.
  3.  The CIS Project Review Team (PRT) meets twice a month to review project proposals.  Requesters and PDP's typically attend the portion of these meetings in which their proposal is discussed.  The PRT reviews the project proposal and documents recommendations on the PRT Recommendation Summary Form.
  4. IT Governance subcommittees either review proposals on-line or at scheduled meetings.  Each subcommittee has some discretionary money to fund one-time project costs.  Projects with expenses greater than $100,000 are presented to the IT Executive Committee for approval.  The IT Executive Committee may fund projects or elect to have funding requested from the Corporation.
  5. The CIO gives final approval to all project proposals.