Daniel Weinreich, PhD 
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Biology
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Center for Computational Molecular Biology 

Office: 300 Walter Hall (401)/863-3937
Lab: 528 BioMed Center (401)/863-2749

Office Hours: By appointment and Wednesdays 1 - 3 during the fall term

Daniel_Weinreich at brown dot edu

Dr. Weinreich's Curriculum Vitae.pdf



Christopher Scott Wylie, PhD 
Postdoctoral Fellow 
BA Rice University 2000
PhD University of California San Diego 2009

Christopher_Scott_Wylie at brown dot edu

Eugene Raynes, PhD 
Postdoctoral Fellow 
BA New York University 2006
PhD University of Pennsylvania 20012

Yevgeniy_Raynes at brown dot edu


Graduate Students

Christopher Graves
Graduate Student
BS University of Vermont 2009

Christopher_Graves at brown dot edu

Yinghong Lan
Graduate Student
BS University of Science and Technology of China 2012

Yinghong_Lan at brown dot edu


Michael Bieszard, '13
 β-lactamase resistance against diverse drugs 
Alexandra Brown, '13
Lytic bacteriophage life history

John Goddard, '13
Lytic bacteriophage life history

Lei Ma, '13
Caterpillar microbiome

Tanayott "Tony" Thaweethai, '13
β-lactamase resistance across species 

Chris Laurie, '14
Bacterial persistance

Max Song, '14
Robustness in digital organisms
Alexander Tran, '15
Stop codon read-through in β-lactamase