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At Brown

Z. Wang,# D. Tonderys,# S.E. Leggett,# E.K. Williams, M.T. Kiani, R. Spitz-Steinberg, Q. Yang, I.Y. Wong,* R.H. Hurt.* (Submitted, 01/2015)

I.Y. Wong,* S.N. Bhatia, M. Toner*. “Nanotechnology: emerging tools for biology and medicine.” Genes & Development. 27, 2397-2408 (2013)


Prior to Brown

I.Y. Wong, S. Javaid, E.A. Wong, S. Perk, D.A. Haber, M. Toner, D. Irimia. “Collective and individual migration following the epithelial–mesenchymal transition.” Nature Materials. 13, 1063-1071 (2014)

-Research Highlight, Lab on a Chip (2014) 

S. Mittal,# I.Y. Wong,# (Co-First Authors), A.A. Yanik, W.M. Deen, M. Toner. “Discontinuous Nanoporous Membranes Reduce Non-Specific Fouling for Immunoaffinity Cell Capture.” Small. 9(24), 4207-14 (2013).

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