"Lego As A Creative Tool" Workshop

On September 23, Lukas WinklerPrins '15, co-vice president of the Brown University STEAM Initiative, ran a workshop, "Lego As A Creative Tool" in the Makerspace in Prince Lab.

(Distributed September 24, 2013)

Light as Material

Students from Yale, Brown, Harvard, and RISD spent the day exploring the material properties of light. The workshop was hosted at the Yale Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design and facilitated by Joe Zinter, Ian Gonsher, Beth Altringer, and Neils Cosman.

(Distributed June 20, 2013)

DesignStudio: Kinetic Sculpture

Students disassembled the materials at hand - discarded computers, printers, and other equipment headed for the recycling bin. From these raw materials we created kinetic sculptures.

(Distributed June 14, 2013)

IDEO + Brown/RISD Furniture Design Workshop

Students from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design worked collaboratively with IDEO designers, Bill Stewart and Prat Ganapathy, to explore new ways to think about the simple act of sitting. A process of robust ideation lead to the actualization of several prototypes within the span of a day.

(Distributed June 10, 2013)

Brown Building Society Wind Turbine Raised

After two years of work and two days of onsite preparation, the Brown Building Society (BBS) raised and tested its wind turbine for the first time in Seekonk, Mass., on Saturday, May 5. Once raised, the turbine began turning in the light breeze, marking the successful conclusion of the first test.

(Distributed May 6, 2013)
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