ISES Small Grant

December 21, 2013

Call for Proposals

The Institute for the Study of Environment and Society invites faculty and researchers to submit proposals for the ISES Small Grant to address questions of sustainability,environmental change and stewardship, natural resources, ecosystem functioning,governance, equity and human health and well-being.


Proposals are invited that address the vision described in the Institute Plan that was approved by the Corporation, or related areas (attached). These grants are not intended to support the development of proposals for external funding, although this may be an additional outcome. It is not necessary that the proposed work span natural and social sciences. Criteria for funding are: The research question addresses a significant aspect of one of the five questions that were described in the Plan.The proposed work will yield concrete research outcomes, in the form of publications in peer-reviewed journals, a book chapter or book, or similar. The proposed research does not naturally fall within the domain of a single academic department. In addition, research that builds on topics or regions of existing expertise and eminence at Brown University will be considered favorably.


ISES Small Grants are open to all Brown University full-time faculty and members of the research staff.


The total award pool is $400,000 for this one-time competition. It is hoped that two to three awards will be made, but proposers are free to propose a project budget up to this amount.

Funds may be used to cover a broad range of expenses including salaries, materials,fieldwork, instrumentation and publication costs.


Applicants should submit a brief (3 page maximum) proposal describing their proposed project, documenting relevant past or current work, describing the expected outcomes, and specifying what new activities will be supported through this grant that are not currently being funded by other sources. A detailed budget and timeline should be included with the proposal. Awards should be spent within two years, with at least one reportable outcome within one year.

The deadline for this proposal is February 14, 2014.

A selection committee consisting of faculty from across the University, representing the different fields that are the focus of this collaboration fund, will review all proposals and notify applicants of its decisions within 15 days of the application deadline. Funds will be made available shortly thereafter.

Grantees will be asked to submit a one page activity report at the end of the grant period.