Research Themes

Brown’s Environmental Change Initiative is an interdisciplinary research and education initiative, linking faculty and students from departments, programs, and centers across the Brown campus. Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduates use an interdisciplinary team approach to tackle significant problems in environmental change, drawing on the strengths and approaches of many departments.

Projects often focus on a particular geographic area or type of ecosystem, such as Narragansett Bay or tropical soils. Using the tools of ecology, geology, chemistry, systems biology, microbiology, sociology, and cultural history, researchers build a picture of the forces that molded and maintain that system, allowing them to predict more accurately how related systems might respond to changing environmental stresses.

Current projects cluster into a handful of broad themes:

In addition, ECI regularly funds new working groups to develop additional research areas with strong potential for interdisciplinary collaboration.

ECI maintains links to funding opportunities in environmental research, environmental outreach and student fellowships. We are also building a catalog of research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. ECI also assists with student travel to scientific conferences.