Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Build on the reputation and academic excellence of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University by constructing a new medical education facility, encouraging curricular innovation, increasing enrollment, and enhancing financial aid

Action Taken

  • Appointed Philip Gruppuso as the new associate dean for medical education (2005)
  • Restructured the Medical School Curriculum Committee
  • Identified additional resources to support student-initiated curricular activities, travel, and research
  • Formulated and activated seven curriculum-design working groups to promote the process of comprehensive curriculum redesign
  • Implemented the second year of the “doctoring” course: a two-year required course that combines instruction in medical interviewing and physical diagnosis with weekly clinical experience in a community- based physician’s office
  • Implemented a new integrated pre-clerkship curriculum for the class of 2010
  • Elevated emergency medicine to full department status
  • Launched a Scholarly Concentrations Program with the Class of 2010: a voluntary program aimed at increasing flexibility and scholarship in the medical curriculum
  • Gained full LCME approval for a proposal to expand the medical student body by one-third over three years (2005); this enrollment expansion is now nearly complete
  • Opened a pilot program in 2005 for a “standard” route of admission to the Medical School, inviting applications from all qualified graduates of U.S. colleges ; this route was made permanent in 2007 after the successful two-year pilot. As a result, the medical school now enrolls 96 new students per year, and students from the PLME and the standard route account for a near equal proportion of the class
  • Accepted a transformative $100-million commitment to the Brown Medical School from the Warren Alpert Foundation and renamed the Brown Medical School as the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
  • Established the Diversity Scholars Program, which aims to recruit well-qualified students who demonstrate substantial promise as future leaders and change agents in medicine and who share a commitment to service and to excellence in patient care and scientific inquiry
  • Implemented a proactive program to assist all students in maximizing their performance on the Step 1 U.S. medical licensing examination, resulting in substantial improvement in performance, raising aggregate performance among Alpert Medical School students to a level well above national norms
  • Initiated plans to expand medical school enrollment from 96 to 120 students per year by the year 2015
  • Created a proposal to establish a system of “academies” within the medical school to better deliver student advising and career counseling services. This model, which has been successful at other U.S. medical schools, provides more personalized service and develops a culture of support and teamwork
  • Increased financial aid budget by $200K in FY10 to respond to market conditions and maintain competitiveness for top students
  • Completed comprehensive financial plan and set a new $20M fundraising target for the 222 Richmond Street renovation project, which will provide a new home for the medical education program and enable Biomed to responsibly assume the capital and long-term operating costs
  • Secured Corporation approval for the building project in May 2009; hired architect to produce detailed plans for the design
  • Appointed Louis Rice, MD as the new Chair of the Department of Medicine effective September 2010
  • Reese Cosgrove, MD appointed chief of Neurosurgery at Rhode Island and Miriam Hospitals, and as the new Chair for the Department of Neurosurgery; this appointment provides new opportunities for collaboration among Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Enhanced the financial aid resources available to medical students, thus assuring near-term competitiveness for the most qualified medical school applicants
  • Initiated the necessary HR, budget and programmatic planning to implement programs made possible by the new medical school building, including student academies and clinical simulation
  • Obtained funding for student summer research through a T35 application to the NIH/NHLBI
  • Initiated a comprehensive redesign of the clinical years (3rd and 4th years) of the medical curriculum; reconfigured the required core clerkships
  • Underwent a limited survey visit by the LCME in March 2010; obtained unqualified accreditation for the remainder of the 8-year term that began with the last full survey in 2004-2005
  • Opened the new medical education building at 222 Richmond Street in the Jewelry District as the center for all medical education activities of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, in August 2011
  • For the fall 2011 entering class, the number of slots was expanded by four from 98 to 102.  This is projected to grow to 108 in FY12 and 120 the following year
  • As of summer of 2011, BioMed Advancement has achieved 70% of the $20M fundraising target for the medical education building project
  • $1.2M in new funds were allocated to med ed financial aid to maintain our competitiveness with our peers
  • In partnership with Albert Einstein College of Medicine, obtained a $1.1M, 5-year grant from the NIH (HICHD) to develop medical curriculum in social and behavioral medicine
  • In partnership with Lifespan, obtained a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation to promote primary care as a career choice for medical students
  • Completed the necessary reorganization of the med ed program to implement student academies

Action Needed

  • Further enhance the financial aid resources of the School to ensure its ongoing competitiveness
  • Complete searches for new chairs in clinical departments to attract candidates of the highest academic merit (Psychiatry, Neurology)
  • Complete construction at 222 Richmond and occupy the facility
  • Complete and implement a redesign of the medical school’s clinical curriculum
  • Undertake the required self-study process in preparation for a full LCME survey visit to take place during the 2012-2013 academic year


  • Associate Dean for Medical Education
  • Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences

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