Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Make the Brown curriculum a model for global education, expanding the depth and breadth of international experiences for students and bringing more international scholars and programs to Providence

Action Taken

  • Developed and implemented the Brown International Scholars Program (BISP) to provide opportunities for students to make international studies a central component of their undergraduate education
  • Allocated funds to expand and strengthen the number of International UTRAs
  • Expanded and strengthened the number of International Swearer Fellowships
  • Added 10 new international studies courses for the 2008–09 academic year, using visiting faculty and adjunct faculty at the Watson Institute
  • Disbursed grants to faculty under a new initiative to develop new courses or add an international perspective to existing courses
  • Developed strategy for a pilot program of international tracks, and launched discussions with several concentrations
  • Initiated review of International Relations and Development Studies concentrations within Watson
  • Allocated funds for disbursement by the Dean of the College (DOC) for senior capstone fellowships to enable undergraduate research and travel stipends for international conferences
  • Launched discussion with a wide range of faculty on internationalization of course offerings, partly through a series of faculty meetings convened by the Sheridan Center
  • Convened series of discussions with DOC, Office of International Programs (OIP), the Office of Continuing Education, the Swearer Center, and students on how to strengthen and expand undergraduates’ overseas experiences
  • Coordinated discussions on language instruction at Brown in preparation for creation of language study task force
  • Held discussion with a range of departments on curriculum gaps that need to be addressed through faculty recruitment
  • Acquired extensive database of foreign broadcast and media translations to provide international perspectives on world events
  • Launched Graduate International Colloquia grants for graduate students to invite scholars to campus to catalyze discussion on international perspectives
  • Instituted new International Review Group and led the process to coordinate international programs and opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty
  • Added a new capstone element to the BISP for a second year of funding for candidates
  • Improved tracking of language proficiency for international TAs
  • Continued to disburse funds under the Internationalizing the Curriculum program and co-sponsored, with the Global Health Initiative, the Framework in Global Health Faculty Curriculum Development grants designed to bring global health content to the subject matter of new or existing courses
  • Launched the Global Independent Study Project Initiative. 25 students studying abroad in 16 countries developed credit-bearing projects that capitalize on in-country resources not available at Brown
  • Allocated and distributed funding for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty for events and projects with an international focus
  • Sponsored the 2010 Brown International Advanced Research Institute (BIARI), which brings annually around 150 promising young scholars from around the world to Brown for summer seminars on selected topics of pressing concern
  • DOC awarded 13 international UTRAs in 2010
  • Introduced a new Chinese language teaching exchange program with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, bringing annually a young teacher trained by CUHK to teach in Brown’s growing Mandarin language program
  • Established Academic Technology Subcommittee of the IT Advisory Board to understand and prioritize faculty and student academic needs, including those related to supporting global connections in teaching and learning
  • Increased the number of international applicants. For class entering 2011 there were nearly 4,700 international applications out of 31,000
  • Increased the proportion of international students on financial aid to 34%
  • Implemented graduate student exchange programs with the Chinese University of Hong Kong and St. Stephen’s College, India
  • Developed new 5-year (4+1) international baccalaureate masters degrees with The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, or The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). In this program, students earn a Brown baccalaureate degree and a master's degree awarded by either The University of Edinburgh or CUHK
  • Launched the Instituto de Empresa/Brown University Executive MBA program in March 2011, with 24 participants from countries around the world.  The 15-month program represents an innovative partnership, with Brown faculty contributing the 1/3 of the courses focused on the social sciences and humanities
  • Created short-term graduate student exchanges with partner universities in Brazil, China, France, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey
  • Built significant new relationships with Peking University, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nanjing University, Institut des Ameriques (France), Universidad de São Paulo, Universidad de Campinas, El Colegio de México, Boğaziçi University (Turkey), Koç University (Turkey)
  • Expanded the Chinese language teaching exchange program with CUHK, bringing two teachers to campus to teach in Brown’s Mandarin language program
  • Funded, through International Affairs, two internationally-based summer internships through Career Development’s Brown Internship Award Program
  • Enhanced support for non-native speakers of English with pre orientation workshops and a full time coordinator of writing support
  • Funded 14 Brown International Scholars in 13 countries
  • Expanded Brown-sponsored international programs
    • Signed an agreement with University of Granada for a new translation and interpretation pathway program to facilitate undergraduate and graduate student mobility, and faculty exchange
    • Signed agreement with the University of Cantabria in Santandar, Spain, to develop study abroad and internship opportunities for students in civil and environmental engineering
    • Created and filled a new internship/community engagement coordinator position for the Consortium for Advanced Studies in Barcelona. Duties include the development of semester-long non-credit internships and community engagement opportunities for students studying abroad in Barcelona
    • Sponsored Ivy League Plus conference that focused on expanding study abroad consortium centers, building on the successful Barcelona program

Action Needed

  • Continue disbursing grants under the Internationalizing the Curriculum program
  • Continue discussions with DOC, Office of International Programs (OIP), and undergraduate working group on a pilot program of international tracks within concentrations
  • Continue to identify priorities for faculty recruitment in key international areas
  • Continue to support the work of Financial Aid and other relevant units in developing recommendations to support international engagement for students with financial need
  • Work with Graduate School, DOC, OIP, and working groups to identify best practices for deepening and expanding language study options at Brown
  • Work with DOC, OIP, and Graduate School to increase the number and range of international opportunities available to Brown students
  • Develop plans for pathway programs in languages of strategic importance, including Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Russian
  • Continue developing and communicating strategic vision for Brown as a “truly global university”
  • Continue to expand number of Global Independent Study Projects (GLISP) completed by students studying abroad
  • Continue to implement the Brown International Scholars Program, and transition it to a new long-term administrative home
  • Continue to work with DOC, the Career Development Center, and the Office of International Advancement to develop and implement an international internships program for undergraduate students
  • Continue to work with the Chinese University of Hong Kong to introduce new summer exchange programs on topics of relevance to students from both institutions.
  • Enhance graduate student research exchange programs at international partner institutions
  • Enhance global recruiting efforts
  • Continue to develop new 5 year (4+1) international baccalaureate masters degrees
  • Work with Ivy League Plus schools to develop organizational, legal, and financial frameworks for the successful creation of additional study abroad consortiums


  • Dean of the College
  • Dean of The Graduate School
  • Vice President for International Affairs

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