Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Increase the amount of regular rehabilitation and redesign of the residence halls, with the goal of maintaining a consistent cycle of major renewal. Create more and better community spaces within the residence halls for formal and informal academic programs, social gatherings, collaborative study, and recreation; and provide better support for the effective educational use of those space

Action Taken

  • Secured funding in spring 2008 for substantial program of residential renewal over following three summers to include projects in 12 residence halls
  • Conducted renewal projects in 10 residence halls in summer 2008 as part of planned ongoing renewal
  • Proceeded with renewal projects in two residence halls in summer 2009 as part of planned but downsized ongoing renewal
  • Cut $12M from residential renewal program in February 2009 as part of response to the economic crisis; postponed Miller/Metcalf renovation
  • Secured funding to replace furniture in 350 student rooms as part of ongoing furnishings renewal
  • Proceeded with renewal projects in five residence halls in summer 2010 as part of planned ongoing renewal, including new bathrooms, flooring and room furniture
  • Replaced elevator in Minden Hall
  • Engaged consultant to assist with residential planning, specifically to develop options for ongoing renewal planning and for increasing undergraduate housing capacity
  • Developed plans for comprehensive renovation and recommendations for new construction of undergraduate housing

Action Needed

  • Continue to evaluate and set priorities for rehabilitation
  • Raise funds and get approvals for renovation and/or new construction projects


  • Dean of the College
  • Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services

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