Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Significantly increase the opportunities for creative, independent, and global learning experiences for students by augmenting undergraduate teaching and research awards (UTRAs) and internships

Action Taken

  • Established in 2007 and awarded annually undergraduate research awards to recognize excellence in student research projects that make extensive and creative use of the library’s collections
  • Developed new collaborative summer course between Brown and the Ecole Libre de Sciences Politiques in Paris
  • Launched Brown International Scholars Program with Office of International Affairs
  • Began discussion of five-year International AB/AM program
  • Developed and funded 10 new research fellowships co-mentored by environmental faculty at Brown and conservation practitioners (Brown Environmental Fellows Program)
  • Hired new associate dean for research in the College to oversee the UTRA and Mellon-Mays Fellowship programs
  • Increased the number of Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRA). Awarded 9 international UTRAs in 2009, 13 in 2010 and 15 in 2011 with help of Office of International Affairs
  • UTRAs grants increased in 2009-10 by 5.7% from 210 to 222
  • Launched a new UTRA in academic technology
  • DOC worked with Office of International Affairs, Summer and Continuing Studies and Curricular Resource Center to develop more opportunities for undergraduate internships such as Joshua (in development) and Career BIAP awards
  • Office of International Programs introduced the Global Independent Study Initiative, students going abroad for semester and academic year programs are encouraged to work with Brown faculty to develop global independent study projects that will complement and significantly enhance their regular programs of study abroad. In 2009-10 there were 25 awardees in 16 countries
  • Supported 230 students’ independent research with undergraduate teaching and research award
  • Streamlined application processes for international undergraduate research awards; supported 15 international UTRAs
  • Approved 23 Global Independent Study projects in 17 countries
  • Funded 54 students working on international service projects
  • Advised 11 Brown students in their successful applications for the Critical Language Scholarships program; Brown led the Ivy League in the number of awards in 2010-11
  • Secured agreements with the University of Granada and the Chinese University Hong Kong to place two student interns per year
  • Increased the number and quality of Group Independent Studies through improved outreach and intensive advising on course development. 42 GISPs enrolled a total of 186 students, a 20% increase from the prior three-year average

Action Needed

  • Continue increasing the number of UTRAs granted annually
  • Continue to work with Office of International Affairs, Summer and Continuing Studies, and Curricular Resource Center to develop more opportunities for undergraduate internships
  • Increase the number of Global Independent Study projects
  • Increase number and improve monitoring of international internships


  • Dean of the College
  • Dean of the Faculty

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