Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Improve the quality of students’ residential and extracurricular experience

Action Taken

  • Eliminated the work requirement for freshmen on financial aid beginning with the class of 2006
  • Developed assessment measures to gauge the impact of eliminating the freshman work requirement; data reveal that work patterns of aided and non-aided students in class of 2006 were more similar compared to the class of 2004
  • Upgraded residential spaces and furnishings
  • Identified social spaces for renovations/improvements
  • Conducted planning study to enhance the residential experience of students through richer programming, stronger student governance of residence halls, and increased staff support
  • Added undergraduate peer counseling staff in residence halls, increasing coverage for sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Completed renovations of the Ivy Room and Josiah’s
  • Approved plans to improve 50 residential lounges across campus
  • Approved new funding to improve club sports programs, student groups, and alcohol-free, late-night social events
  • Developed Alumni Spotlight program to bring notable alumni to campus for significant interaction with students
  • Completed facility improvements, including improved accessibility and new elevator, to Sharpe Refectory in August 2006
  • Continued planning for possible new residence halls
  • Launched new residential television service (IPTV) over the network, delivering entertainment as well as instructional student productions, selected speakers, and course materials
  • Expanded Brown’s wireless network to provide complete coverage in all residence halls
  • Developed scope and priorities for substantial residential renewal projects
  • Launched a Web-based student organization management system to facilitate group participation and provide financial, membership and communication functionality for student leaders
  • Funded several key recommendations of the social event policy and procedures review, including professional evening/weekend staffing and permanent funding for alcohol-free, late night events
  • Funded initiatives to improve residential experience, including enhanced support for all residential peer counselors and weekend custodial service for residential halls
  • Replaced many paper processes in student housing with online systems that students can access anytime, anywhere – including internationally
  • Implemented accessibility improvements in residence hall common areas, entrances and adjoining sidewalks
  • Established entertainment DVD lending library for students at Friedman Study Center
  • Opened new Student Resources and Services Center in J. Walter Wilson Hall in fall 2008, bringing together many student resource offices in one place
  • Secured funding in spring 2008 for substantial program of residential renewal over next three summers to include projects in 12 residence halls
  • Conducted renewal projects in 10 residence halls in summer 2008 as part of planned ongoing renewal
  • Began construction of the Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center in Faunce House in May of 2009
  • Proceeded with renewal projects in two residence halls despite having to cut $12M from residential renewal program in response to the economic crisis
  • Secured funding to replace furniture in 350 student rooms
  • Established metrics to monitor campus life and experience of students; issued first Strategic Indicators and Measurements in Campus Life report in September 2008

    See Phase II for other recent actions that support this objective

Action Needed


  • Dean of the College
  • Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services

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