Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Expand opportunities for student interaction with faculty

Action Taken

  • Developed and introduced a program of 23 first-year seminars in 2002–03 and 52 in 2003–04
  • Expanded first-year seminar offerings: 62 courses in 22 different departments in 2004–05; 63 seminars in 2005–06; 60 seminars in 2006–07 in 27 different departments
  • Improved the student-to-faculty ratio to 9:1 (as reported to U.S. News & World Report) in 2002–03, reduced from 10:1 in 2001–02
  • Added approximately 140 courses starting in 2003–04
  • Increased the total number of undergraduate courses to 1,722 in 2005–06, a 9 percent increase since 2001–02
  • Continued progress in reducing average class size: percentage of classes with fewer than 20 students continues to increase while the percentage of classes with more than 50 students continues to decrease
  • Allocated new funding to support student research at Brown
  • Created Departmental Undergraduate Groups (DUGs); launched new DUG Web site
  • Provided new funding to support faculty programming in residence halls
  • Provided funding for Faculty Fellows to host residential discussions with visiting professors in conjunction with guest lectures in academic classes
  • Developed visiting scholars program to bring leading scholars and practitioners to campus for discussions with students in the residence halls
  • Lowered the student-to-faculty ratio below 9–1
  • Expanded programming in residence halls and Sarah Doyle Women’s Center for faculty-student discussion of current issues and research
  • Launched new faculty-led seminar program during orientation to jumpstart conversations between first-year students and faculty
  • Initiated the Committee on the Residential Experience to conduct review of programs in place for co-curricular education and development of community outside the classroom
  • Developed new Faculty Advising Fellows program to expand ongoing involvement of faculty in the undergraduate residential experience
  • Expanded the First Year Seminar program to 75 seminars per year, with greater focus on topics in writing, science education, and global awareness

  • See Phase II for other recent actions taken that support this objective

Action Needed


  • Dean of the College
  • Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services

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