Current Status Report - September 2011
Text in red denotes new activity since previous status report.

Support undergraduate participation in teaching and research

Action Taken

  • Expanded the Group Research Project, an undergraduate research initiative
  • Created faculty workshops to encourage undergraduate research in the humanities and social sciences
  • Established data collection procedures to measure expansion of research opportunities
  • Developed new publication, Undergraduate Research at Brown, to provide better information about research opportunities to all rising sophomores and juniors
  • Undertook comprehensive outreach program to NSF and NIH principal investigators to increase funding of undergraduates on grants
  • Created undergraduate research page on the research Web site for undergraduates interested in working on faculty research projects
  • Completed survey of departmental “capstone” experiences, showing 75 percent of 2005 graduates had a capstone experience, and repeated survey for class of 2006
  • Increased the number of students supported by UTRAs, REUs, Royce, and other grants between 2004 and 2005
  • Began dialogue with seniors about their intellectual engagement in their final year in order to better promote “capstone” projects
  • Reorganized to establish new position in Office of the Dean of the College to coordinate undergraduate teaching and research
  • Received $3 million grant from NSF to coordinate faculty and student outreach to K-12 science teachers; this was a joint effort of the Dean of the College, the Vice President for Research, and the departments of physics, geology, and engineering
  • Reopened conversation about “capstone” projects with department chairs, spring 07
  • Received recommendation from Task Force on Undergraduate Education supporting enhanced research opportunities for undergraduates and requiring concentrations to provide some kind of capstone experiences for all concentrators
  • Organized junior class reception to alert rising seniors to opportunities for fellowships, capstone experiences, and post-baccalaureate experiences in graduate and professional schools and business

    See Phase II for other recent actions taken that support this objective

Action Needed


  • Dean of the College
  • Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences
  • Vice President for Research
  • Provost

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