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Using the Visual Identity on the Web

Redesigned or updated Web sites should feature the new Brown logo. Web sites that currently feature old versions of the Brown logo may replace those with the new version.

Placement and Background Color

The standard version of the logo is horizontal – "BROWN" appears to the right of the coat of arms. See examples above and on the Brown home page. The logo is also available in a stacked version in which "BROWN" appears under the coat of arms.

You can apply the logo in positive and negative color combinations. Use the positive on light backgrounds; use the negative on dark backgrounds.

The new logo may not be altered in any way, including separating the word "BROWN" from the coat of arms, moving the position of the word "BROWN" in relation to the coat of arms, or adding other text to it to make it part of a larger phrase or title. In addition, styles or effects such as drop shadow should never be applied to the logo.


The logo should always be a link to The alt text should say "Brown University."

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact web[underscore]service[at]brown[dot]edu