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Petra Great Temple, Volume III, Now Available

We are completely delighted to announce that Martha Sharp Joukowsky's book, Petra Great Temple, Volume III: Brown University Excavations 1993–2008, Architecture and Material Culture, is now available from Oxbow Books and Casemate Academic.



Brown University professor emerita Martha Sharp Joukowsky directed the archaeological excavations of the Great Temple at Petra, Jordan, from 1993-2008. Although the excavation was funded by Brown University as part of its programs in Anthropology and the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World (formerly the Center for Old World Archaeology and Art), it is also an international and interdisciplinary project, with the active involvement of the American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) located in Amman, and the Department of Antiquities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Petra Great Temple Excavations
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