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Petra Great Temple, Vol. 2, Now Available

The Brown Bookstore is now carrying Professor Emerita Martha Sharp Joukowsky's second volume on the Great Temple Excavation at Petra, Jordan. The text is 438 pages, with over 600 photos, iluustrations, and site drawings. It includes a precis of selected major structures at Petra. The cost is $100.00, plus applicable taxes. (May 2009)

Past News

CD Rom Available!

About the CD:
The CD was designed and created by Adam Brin, during the summer and Fall of 1999. It accompanies the Five Year Report published last year, and contains all of the data from the 1993-7. This includes, the Trench Reports, over 800 drawings and photographs, the glass and coin catalogs, data from the Ground Penetrating Radar, and maps of the site. The CD-ROM costs $10 + shipping.

Our book has been published!

If you are interested in ordering a copy, please contact:

Petra Great Temple Excavations
Brown University, Box 1837
Providence, RI 02912

Books will cost $75.00 + SHIPPING

About the Book:
Petra: The Great Temple, Volume I - Brown University Excavations 1993-1997. By Martha Sharp Joukowsky, with Contributions by Christian Augé, Deirdre G. Barrett, Joseph J. Basile, Jean Blackburn, Leigh-Ann Bedal, Donna J. D'Agostino, Sara G. Karz, Elizabeth E. Payne, Thomas R. Paradise, Erika L. Schluntz, Monica L. Sylvester, Stephen V. Tracy, Loa P. Traxler, Terry Tullis, Peter Warnock, and Paul C. Zimmerman.

The first volume of the Petra Great Temple Publication Series covers the first five years of Brown University archaeological explorations at the Great Temple of Petra Jordan. Chapter 1 covers the history of Petra and the Nabataeans, Chapter 2 is devoted to the five years of excavation discoveries and the methodologies employed; Chapter 3 covers the geological and botanical evidence, Chapter 4 the canalization system and ground-penetrating radar results, Chapter 5 is a discussion of the Temple precinct architecture and sculpture, Chapter 6 is the presentation of the artifacts and their databases as well as the Catalog, Chapter 7 presents the results of the neutron-activation of the pottery, and Chapter 8 is a discussion of the inscriptional evidence. A complete index, 400 figures and over 30 color plates.

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