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About Us

The Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World is dedicated to the academic study and public promotion of the archaeology and art of the ancient Mediterranean, Egypt, and the Near East (the latter broadly construed as extending from Anatolia and the Levant to the Caucasus); our principal research interests lie in the complex societies of the pre-modern era.

Although the core efforts of the Joukowsky Institute are archaeological in nature and are located within this broadly defined zone, close ties with all individuals interested in the ancient world, and with archaeologists of all parts of the globe, are welcome and actively encouraged. Joukowsky Institute faculty and students are from a wide range of countries and backgrounds -- and Brown University's fieldwork and research in archaeology and the ancient world reflects and builds on that multiplicity of perspectives.

The goal of the Institute is to foster an interdisciplinary community of interest in the archaeology of the ancient world, and in the discipline of archaeology more generally. Its mandate is to promote research, fieldwork, teaching, and public outreach, with the Institute’s associated faculty, students, and facilities serving as a hub for this activity.

Established in 2004 ("Brown establishes Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World"), the Joukowsky Institute incorporates and amplifies the activities of Brown’s former Center for Old World Archaeology and Art. Susan E. Alcock became the Institute's first Director in January 2006, and was succeeded by Peter van Dommelen in July 2015.


About Our Logo

Wreath relief sculpture
Courtesy of the Petra Great Temple Excavation,
Brown University

Ornamental wreath in low relief with fillet, Sequence No. 52410.
Measures 0.82 m (L) x 0.52 m (W) x 0.24 m (Th).
Found (upside down) built into a late (Byzantine) south intercolumnar wall of the East Exedra, Trench 52, 1998.