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Faculty and Research

The faculty housed in the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World reflect its wide geographical scope and breadth of interests. Faculty members are cross-appointed to the Institute, and our partner departments at present include Classics, History of Art and Architecture, Anthropology, and Egyptology and Assyriology. Faculty research and publication covers a correspondingly broad spectrum of topics. Our expertise ranges from Greek and Roman art and architecture to landscape archaeology, from urban and religious architecture of the Levant to Roman provincial studies (of both western and eastern provinces), and from the Aegean Bronze Age to the archaeology of the Caucasus.

The Institute regularly offers visiting teaching appointments and postdoctoral fellowships — recent years have included Near Eastern Archaeology and Art, Classical Archaeology and Art, Islamic Archaeology and Art, and Archaeology and Media Studies. Several new permanent appointments are on the near horizon.

The wider community of the Joukowsky Institute includes faculty in related departments — notably Religious Studies, History, Engineering, Judaic Studies, and Geology, as well as Classics, History of Art and Architecture, Egyptology and Assyriology, and Anthropology — who are frequent participants in Institute events and activities.

The Joukowsky Institute has a very active fieldwork profile, with faculty-led excavations and regional surveys at Abydos in Egypt, on Sardinia in Italy, at Petra in Jordan, on Montserrat in the West Indies, and in Mexico, Sudan, Turkey, and Providence, Rhode Island. Brown graduate students and undergraduates are welcome to apply to participate in these endeavors. The Institute engages in an active program of scholarly publication, consolidating and extending a tradition established by the Center for Old World Archaeology and Art.

For more about the Joukowsky Institute faculty, visit the People page.