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"You expect the corners of a skyscraper to be square and those acute angles make it seem like it's standing on point shoes" (1).

"...the building's wind dance was an assault on comfort." (2)

As skyscrapers become taller and taller, the literal movement of skyscrapers must be engineered to a minimum, as a skyscraper's motion can lead to motion-sickness and the potential for collapse under heavy wind loads. A famous example of this is the John Hancock Tower in Boston (construction 1968-1976, architect: I.M. Pei), which had to be extensively redesigned and renovated in order to prevent the skyscraper's motion, which was dangerous and uncomfortable for workers inside. In another design flaw, many windows blew out of the lower floors because of a faulty window seal system. Basically, this skyscraper had serious problems.

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Two new things were gathered into this skyscraper-network, so as to minimize motion.

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