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Archaeology of College Hill 2006

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Note: this is a summary of the day's events. Full fieldnotes forthcoming!

First Baptist Church Archaeological Investigations October 2, 2006

Excavations continued on October 2.

All units advanced another level, or about 10 cm. Most units maintain a uniform soil texture, however, the soil in A2 changed from a dark soil to an orange soil color. This change made it easy to mark the natural stratigraphy of the unit.

B2 layer 3, has a row of rocks sticking out of the eastern baulk, their placement indicates that something interesting might be found just outside of the unit boundary.

B1 has yielded some mortar fragments, so there is slight evidence for a previous construction in that area. Although, they might have come from the wall nearby.

All other units are progressing well, and we will continue to excavate for a few more Mondays!

October 2, 2006 (photolog)
Fieldnotes, 2006