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Chorus discussants for each week

(Please limit each week by 7- each student should sign up for 2 sessions) Please volunteer until Thursday February 19th. After that date, Omur and Keffie will assign those who have not signed up to that point.

Week 3. (February 5) [Modern Cult of Monuments and Memorials]
Chorus discussants: Molly Cousins, Hannah Sheldon-Dean, Madeleine Filloux, Christopher Elsworth, Lyndsey Barnes, Bradley Hanson, Emily Alvarez

Week 4. (February 12) [Sharing the past: Collective memory]
Chorus discussants: Tim Simonds, Erin Calfee, Daria Solomon, Lyndsey Barnes, Jonathan Mosca, Alexandra C

Week 5. (February 19) [ Archaeologies of Memory: Presence of the Past]
Chorus discussants:Gillian Lang, Elise Nuding, Alex Gilbert-Bono, Kit Elsworth

Week 6. (February 26) Babylonian archaeologists of the Mesopotamian past
Chorus discussants: Molly Cousins, Aleksandra Mackiewicz, Maya Porath, Erin Calfee

Week 7. (March 5) [ Landscapes of Greece: monuments and memorable places]
Chorus discussants: Marissa Faerber, Cassie Rogg, Alex Gilbert-Bono, Tim Carey, Alex Yuly, Alexandria Hartley

Week 8. (March 12) Iconoclasm: destruction as performance of memory
Chorus discussants: Ariel Schecter, Harry Aspinwall, Harrison Stark, Alexandra C, Sarah Baker, Lolly Lim, Alexandria Hartley, Timothy Simonds

Week 9. (March 19) The memory of stones: technology, materials and the weathering of buildings
Chorus discussants: Emily Alvarez, Madeleine Filloux, , Ariel Schecter, Hannah Sheldon-Dean, Bradley Hanson, Timothy Simonds

Week 10. (April 2) [ Spolia: use, re-use and abuse of the architectural fragment from Byzantium to Berlin wall]
Chorus discussants: Ana Escobedo, Mark Stokely, Daria Solomon, Tim Carey, Alex Yuly, Marissa Faerber, Tess Rafael

Week 11. (April 9) [[Ruins: abandoned places, haunted memories]]
Chorus discussants: Tess Rafael, Ana Escobedo, Lisa Donovan, Gillian Lang, Elise Nuding, Harry Aspinwall, Harrison Stark

Week 12. (April 16) [Ayodhya: the contested place of memory, history, identity, violence]
Chorus discussants: Maya Porath, Cassie Rogg, Aleksandra Mackiewicz

Week 13. (April 23) Cities of memory, urban space and heritage: the case of post-civil war Beirut
Chorus discussants: Sarah Baker, Mark Stokely, Lolly Lim, Lisa Donovan, Alexandria Hartley

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