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This project has two phases. In the first step, we will ask you to sign up for one of the following themes/memory groups for a team discussion of relevant readings and collaboration. In the second step, each student will be expected to produce a 5-6 page research paper (double-spaced 12 font- excluding bibliography- not shorter not longer) related to the discussion theme of their memory groups. The individual papers are expected to draw on the group discussions but focus on a specific case study based on library research.

Please sign up below for the topic you would like to work on. Although I would like everyone to work on issues related to their interests, it would be great to have a balanced distribution on these topics.

Discussion themes for memory groups'

1. House/home as memory

Gillian Lang, Cassie Rogg, Sarah Baker, Lolly Lim, Madeleine Filloux

2. Photography, space, memory

Marissa Faerber, Erin Calfee Emily Alvarez

3. Australian Aborigine Dreamtracks

Alex Gilbert-Bono, Alexandra Corrigan, Ana Escobedo, Tim Carey, Kit Elsworth

4. Body-memory, body as a site of memory

Tim Simonds, Maya Porath, Ariel Schecter, Aleksandra Mackiewicz, Bradley Hanson, Daria Solomon, Tess Rafael

5. Nostalgia and space

Hannah Sheldon-Dean, Elise Nuding, Alex Yuly

6. Resistance: politics of memory and anti-colonial resistance in the ancient world

Harrison Stark, Alexandria Hartley, Lyndsey Barnes, Harry Aspinwall

7. The biological architecture of human memory

Molly Cousins, Mark Stokely

Deadline and submission: April 17 Friday 5 pm -hard copy in Keffie Weiss's mailbox at the Joukowsky Institute (70 Waterman St).