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Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology



Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World
Brown University
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Week 1. (September 8) Introduction

Thursday: The architecture of remembering and forgetting. Overview of the semester.

Week 2. (September 13-15) MOVE: Embattled sites of history and trauma

Tuesday Lecture: Buildings that tell the story: ancient, medieval and modern.

Thursday Discussion: MOVE and Ground Zero: sites of trauma and memory

Week 3. (September 20-22) After 9/11: Monuments and Memorials

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Week 4. (September 27-29) Sharing the past: Collective memory

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Week 5. (October 4-6) Archaeologies of Memory: Presence of the Past

Tuesday (10/4): Short Paper Assignment 1 due

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Week 6. (October 11-13) The idea of the archive: Babylonian archaeologists of the Mesopotamian past

Thursday Guest: Prof Matthew Rutz

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Week 7. (October 18-20) Landscapes of Greece: monuments and memorable places

Thursday Guest: Prof Sue Alcock

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Week 8. (October 25-27) Iconoclasm: destruction as performance of memory.

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Week 9. (November 1-3) Ayodhya: the contested place of memory, history, identity, violence

Tuesday: Short Paper assignment 2 due

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Week 10. (November 8-10) Spolia: use, re-use and abuse of the architectural fragment from Byzantium to Berlin wall

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Week 11. (November 15-17) Place and memory: Ruins, abandoned places, haunted memories

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Week 12. (November 22) Workshop on paper topics

Nov 23-27: Thanksgiving recess

Week 13. (November 29-December 1) Cities of memory, urban space, nostalgia and heritage: the case of post-civil war Beirut


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Week 14. (December 6) Architecture of Memory: wrap-up discussion and course evaluations

Reading Period: December 8-12.

Final papers due: December 13.