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Week 1. September 8 Introduction: overview of the seminar.

Week 2. September 15 Travelers, antiquarians and Assyrians: Roots of modernity, colonialism and orientalism in Assyria.

Week 3. September 22 Family business in Anatolia: The city-state of Ashur and Assyrian trading colonies. The archaeology of early Ashur.

Presentations: Kültepe (Muge+Willis), Ashur’s limmu (eponym official) stelae and its significance for Assyrian chronologies (Zack).

Response Paper 1 Due

Assyrian colonies in Anatolia

The city of Ashur

Week 4. September 28 (Wednesday). From Bronze to Iron: The archaeology of the Middle Assyrian Period.

Presentations: Tell Sabi Abyad (with emphasis on ceramics) (Willis), Mitanni-Middle Assyrian continuity in Upper Mesopotamian landscapes: dunnu-dimtu settlements (Muge).

Response Paper 2 Due.

Dur Katlimmu

Tell Sabi Abyad

Further bibliography

Week 5. October 5 (Wednesday) The city of Nimrud and Aššurnasirpal II: ideology of the empire, narratives of state. Critical review of art historical studies of Assyrian palace reliefs.

Presentations: Banquet Stele (Zack)

Response Paper 3 Due.

Ideology and sovereignty

Study of Assyrian reliefs


Week 6. October 12 (Wednesday) When texts are not just texts: Assyrian Royal Inscriptions: symbolisms of power, mythologies of kingship and the royal rhetoric.

Presentation: Balawat Gate Bronzes (Muge-archaeology, Zack-visual narratives).

Response Paper 4 Due.


Assyrian Royal Inscriptions

Week 7 October 19 (Wednesday) Empire, frontiers and landscape: the Jazira and the Upper Tigris Region – a case of agricultural colonization?

Presentation: Ziyaret Tepe (Willis)

Response Paper 5 Due.

Landscape and politics


Upper Tigris Basin

Week 8 October 27 Religion and the exercise of power: the Assyrian urban festivals and cult places.

Presentations: Bit akitu temples (Zack), Tell al Rimah temple (Willis)


Aššur and the politics of religion

Magic and magic rituals

Akitu festival

Further reading

Week 9 November 3 Memory, time and the geological landscapes of ritual and politics: Assyrian rock reliefs and other royal monuments on the periphery.

Presentations: Nahr el-Kalb, Karabur.

Week 10 November 9. (Wednesday) Sargon and Dur-Sharrukin: city building as a metaphor for Empire.

Week 11 November 23 (Wednesday). Nineveh and the social production of urban space. Sennacherib’s new quarries.

Presentations: Berkeley excavations at Nineveh, Hanging Gardens of Nineveh

Week 12 December 1. Violence and the state, violence as spectacles of the state: Lion hunts, bodily violence and the performance of empire. Assurbanipal and the palace relief program at Nineveh.

Week 13 December 8. Class Presentations of Research Projects

December 20. Final deadline for papers.